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Monday, February 9, 2015

{monday mission} upcycle bad art (and make it badder)

I have not done a Monday Mission in a while and it seems about time I rectify that. This week, head over to the thrift shop (or your own attic if you are like me), choose a serene or saccharine painting and add something to it. 

This was a little gift for my son's birthday. I added a bigfoot, a burning house and a fleeing figure. You can figure it out - or can you? While my painting is not as skilled as I would like, I think you get the gist. And it was fun and made us laugh. 

Of course, this idea is not unique. For more inspiration, check out the work of Wayne White or David Irvine. This would be a blast to do with kids too!


  1. What a fun idea Amy! I love your Monday Missions - such a wonderful inspiration!

  2. What a great idea! I've plenty of projects lined up for the kids for the holiday next week, but this is definitely going on the Easter holiday projects list. So much fun. The way my boy's brain works at the moment, I can see space ships and dinosaurs combining in a landscape somewhere. As for my daughter - she spends a lot of time painting "thunderstorms" at the moment (sigh).

  3. Goodness -- while decluttering the other day I thought 'maybe I should ask the kids to transform art into new art....' and then wondered if that was crazy. apparently NOT!!! brilliant even? THANK YOU for sharing!!

  4. So, before I had even seen this, my son brought home a Bob Ross-style forest scene painting for me to paint over! I think I'm going to put some crypto zoology into the woods!


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