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Saturday, May 9, 2015

{family lab} :: make a family crest

Making a family crest has been on my to do list for a long time. I can not tell you how happy I am that we finally did it. Every time I look at hanging in my living room, I swoon a little.

It is so simple to make!

Start with a huge piece of paper or cardboard. I pick up pieces of cardboard from Sam's Club just for this reason. The benefit of cardboard over paper is that you can easily hang it on the wall. We wanted something really big, so this is what worked best for us. You could easily make it smaller and pop it in a frame or even paint it onto a piece of wood or canvas. Work with the materials that you have on hand and are most comfortable with.
We freehand drew what we thought a our shield should look like and then divided it into 5 areas - one for each person.

Then we spend time thinking about an image that would represent us. I had some ideas, but everyone really went their own direction. We ended up with a typewriter with a favorite poem on it for me, a guitar/frying pan creation for my husband, an owl for a thoughtful boy, palette and brush for an art loving girl and swords for a brave and strong boy.

We prepared the cardboard with gesso and then used acrylic paints and of course, a little glitter at the end.

This is the perfect project to celebrate your family identity and uniqueness as the school year wraps up and another summer begins. If you tackle this - please share! I would love to see all the beautiful representations you make!

And if it seems daunting, you can always sketch it out in your journal and come back to it when the creative energies are flowing. 


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