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Thursday, September 10, 2015

last call for Journal Jam Fall edition ----> get on it!

Journal Jam Fall edition is ready to roll. If you want in, this is it. The welcome letter goes out Saturday and we are in full gear Monday morning.

This lab is 10 weeks of awesome prompts, poetry, film, journaling and art prompts and cool mama camaraderie.

If you want to create with your kids and be engaged yourself - this lab is for you. If you like kid based art programs that are prescriptive and "too cute" this is not for you.

(Sorry if that sounds harsh - I am sitting here drinking my 3rd cup of tea, writing all afternoon, watching cows from my window and feel like I just need to say it truthfully.)

I would rather spend time with my kids listening to Phillip Glass, reading weird poetry, looking for treasures in alleys and painting pictures of my ancestors than work from a printable or strict theme.

This class is kid appropriate but cool enough for a parent to do on their own.

You can sign up here.

Oh, and I love you. And you are doing a terrific job. I can not wait to hang out with you. 

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