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Saturday, May 7, 2016

journaling = giving kids a voice

As I get ready to start Journal Jam 2016, and have 3 sessions under my belt, I am reminded why I find  this work so important. 

The act of writing the minutia of your life, reflecting on the memories that shaped you and grappling, on the page, with disappointments, is life changing. Regular (or heck, even semi-regular journallers have better mental health, feelings of deep self-worth and the agency to enact change as necessary. And its fun and creative and sometimes surprising.

Nurturing this practice in kids is such a gift. While my kids and I  do not journal everyday, it is an act we drop into through out the year (especially in the summer) and I am committed to keeping it up. We recently moved and I am able to see the practice in a new light. Journalling and its antcilliary act, letter writing, have created a calm and safe place to remember, honor and share. Can you imagine kids having this skill in their toolbox as they head into adolescent and adulthood? It is pure gold, I tell you. 

Journal Jam is a perfect start or kickstart to your family's practice. It is a fun way to explore the rules-breaking, messy, exploratory journalling that I support and many others have found an enriching addition to their summer. 

Through daily prompts, field trips, thought experiments, art, cultural responses and more, you and your kids will explore their valuable ideas and opinions on paper through various forms of mark making. 

Join us here!

We will gather June 6 through August 12. 

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