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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

{the radical art of homeschooling} :: mission statement

As we near the end of this lab, I want to encourage you to create a statement that encapsulates the values and goals that you have uncovered so far for your family's education. Even if your children attend school, this guiding statement can help you navigate classes, opportunities and complicated situations that might arise. 

There are a variety of ways you can approach this project. You might want to write a typical mission statement. Or something more loose like the "rules" for your family. Author, Jen Lee of the Right Side Business Plan calls a similar document a passion and purpose proclamation. I love that!

A big mind map is a great way to start brainstorming. Start by yourself and then invite your family to write with you. Try big butcher paper, a chalkboard or dry erase board or even a big piece of cardboard. Sometimes writing on an unusual or different surface generates new ideas and connections. 

You can write your statement as a list or prose or even in a poem form. Really think about what form helps you express your ideas best. 

Some questions to guide you:

What is most important to our family?

How is our family unique?

Write down each member's name and list what most valuable to them? What is their driving force? What are their needs?

Does your family have a big dream? What is it?

What is your family's purpose?

After you gather your data, circle the words and phrases that jump out you. Then use those to formulate your statement. 

And please share your statements with the group!

I have compiled a Pinterest board with some graphic versions of other families' mission statements. If you compose a statement that really captures the spirit of your family, you might want to consider making a wall hanging from it. 

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