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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

make your own wrapping paper

We never buy wrapping paper. Maybe I am green or just disorganized, who knows. I love wrapping gifts in maps, fabric, newspaper, craft paper, and painted butcher paper.

We recently had a flurry of birthdays around here, so I had to get my wrapping paper factory cranking out product. For this go around, we had so much fun just dipping toilet paper tubes and empty yogurt containers in paint and printing designs. I love how they came out, almost modern.

How do you wrap your presents? Do you make your own paper? Please share your creative tips!


  1. How beautiful is your handmade wrapping paper! Loved the idea.
    Thank you so much for sharing on my blog and adding to our list of stamping ideas.

  2. this is so cute and beautiful hand made wrapping.
    very easy and good idea....


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