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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

merit badge tales- Jennifer

This family looks happy, right? Read about Jennifer's adventures in traveling to Key West in the summer here. It is the sort of story that every traveling parent can recognize...and they earned a travel badge!

Do you want to earn a merit badge? Email your best tale to me (think hilarity or drama) and which badge you think you earned. I might just print it and mail you the badge!


  1. oh my goodness! i so deserve a merit badge, i just have to figure out what for. is there one for cooking 28 meals in one day? or spending a holiday in the ER? or telling your six year how old and where each 'stuftie' on her bed was born? everyday for a month or so? for being totally cool with a huge snake lost in the house? for having the whole neighborhood spend the night every other night it seems? for laughing in the face of a wrecked house? i will get back to you on this!!!!

    i LOVE your merit badge idea! genius!

  2. Jennifer totally earns that badge!

    (and for that matter, ivey patton earns AT LEAST one, too!)


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