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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a new start

For the past few years, I have picked a word to motivate and inspire my year, but this year that idea felt a little flat. Too vague, not enough teeth. So, for the first time in a while, I made a list of things I want to do. Not resolutions, more like adventures or missions. Here are mine:

-read more classics. i read too many nonfiction books. i want to fill in some gaps. i am interested in dickens and raymond chandler, also virginia woolf.

-nurture my friendships and creative connections. when i am stressed or tired, i am very quick to cancel things or stop pursuing social fun. however, usually that is exactly what revives me - so i need to stop doing that.

-take more pictures, learn more about my camera, try some dark room processing

-get my paperwork in order (boring, but important)

-travel always, near and far and as much as possible

-finish renovating our house so we can sell it

-drink more tea and less coffee

-watch more films instead of bad sitcoms or horrible reality shows. we have been on a late 60's - early 70's movie kick and i am really enjoying it. recently, we watched the graduate, valley of dolls and alice doesn't live here anymore. so much interesting visual culture and social history.

-make some movies with my kids. the technology is so easy now, we are brimming with ideas and i have been inspired by several film making projects. i really want to do this.

-continue honing our family routine and learning adventures. as passion driven homeschoolers, it takes an enormous effort to supply the right environment for all of us to thrive. we are always working on that. this year, there are some new learning community opportunities and bigger projects planned!

there are more, but if i can follow these interests this year, i will be happy, engaged and challenged. and that is a pretty great state to be in.

what about you? what are thinking about for this year?

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