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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mama Scout e-Lab :: now registering!

This is the last week to register!


What is this course about?

This e-course is a month long, daily lab 
for igniting and sustaining creative 
family living. 

I am calling it a lab because there is no specific formula to a happy, high-functioning family. 

As Thomas Edison said, "There are no rules here, we are trying to accomplish something." That "something" will manifest it self differently in each family. 

We are going to write, experiment with creative missions and reflect deeply on our family culture. The group will offer unwavering support and help problem solve any difficulties that lab partners might have.

Who is this for:
If you are struggling with family living and would like to find joy and creativity in the everyday - this lab will help you reignite the passion filled home you know you deserve.

If you are happy, but stuck in a sort of monotony and feel the need to molt  - this lab will push you to a new level.

If you are simply looking for new ways to jazz up your creative life with your kids - this lab will kick you into high gear. Hi-ya! 

If you homeschool or unschool and want to transform your daily environment to spark curiosity in yourself and children - this course will offer you so many ways to break out of your rut.

If your kids are in school all day and you want to offer them opportunities to think outside the standardized testing environment  that many schools have fallen prey to - this lab will offer your family a safe and encouraging sanctuary. 

How does it work and what do I get?

This is a packed class. You will get:

1. Daily emails with:

your DAILY writing prompt (these are short and FUN), quick and interesting daily creative family challenges and activities and lots of links and resources of inspiration.

The creative family challenges that I offer are specific enough that you will feel like you are really getting some useful tools for your parenting tackle box. But, they are also simple and open ended enough that you can improvise and change things as you need for your family. 

These are not prescriptive crafts - but explorations. 

You can print or file these labs to use all year round. They are yours!

2. A private Facebook page, just for lab participants. This group will continue after the lab is complete.

3. Daily access to me via email and Facebook. I am devoted to each participant and their journey for the month.

4. A handful of healthy and easy recipes. We love to cook around here and although food is a way to showcase creativity, sometimes you need a quick, healthy dinner to allow for more play time. I have some great ones to share!

5. Printables with resources that you can tuck into your journal or purse. For example: my top 50 films for watching with kids, and a list of my very favorite chapter books to read out loud with kids.

6. Family project sheets, detailing a bigger project your family might want to tackle when you have a few days. These are fun!

7. At the end, each participant will receive a merit badge. Yes, a real, special edition, mama merit badge! I designed a special badge just for special classes like this. I can not wait to mail it to you!

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