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Monday, September 17, 2012

monday mission :: take your kids to an antique shop

Monday Missions: a simple idea to add a little magic to your week.

Does the idea of taking your kids to an antique shop make you shutter? Think again. As long as your kids are not knocking stuff around like bulls, antique shops are some of the best places for kids to learn about history and consumer culture. They are like libraries for material culture. 

Kids learn about old toys, kitchen tools, cars, clothes, food packaging and more. They can connect better to the stories that their grandparents have told them about radios and old Barbies.

I think the main key to hanging in a shop with kids is to let them lead and give them plenty of time to look at whatever interests them. Follow them to the knives and old purses even if you are looking for postcards. See what catches their fancy.

Old spinning wheels and butter churners make stories like Little House on the Prairie come alive.  

Antique stores often have a lot of taxidermy animals, fur coats and bags made from whole animals, which leads to so complicated conversations. 

I am really curious if anyone else has kids who like going to the antique store?


  1. Hurray for antique shops! My kids end up going whether they choose to or not!

  2. Yes!! My daughter begs me to go when we haven't gone in a while. I'm usually game to go myself since there's so much fascinating stuff.

  3. My kids really like it, but not for more than. Half hour or so. They are boys, ages 6 and 8. The really appreciate rusty things like old farm tools the best. It is a real trigger for their imaginations.

  4. This caught my attention instantly. I was just visiting with relatives that had kept many of the toys that their kids played with when they were little (my age group)and my son got to enjoy them while he visited. It would be so nice to introduce other items that were around for not only his parents, but grandparents, too! Thanks for sharing this idea!

  5. Such a place of opportunity for children to ask questions and learn about the way things were! What a wonderful "field trip" you have shared with your little learners. ~heather


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