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Monday, June 3, 2013

i dream...

Well, that was an amazing month. 

I am back and still a little shell shocked and not sure that I am ready to fully immerse myself back in the busy hustle of my previous life. So much has happened, I am sure that all I will write about for a while is Paris and things to do experience. Hopefully, some of that will translate into your life - where ever you are living. I know there are certain lessons/ideas I will be trying to keep relevant in mine, even as I spend the next 4 months sweating in the Florida humidity.

Spending a month in Paris with my kids started as a dream. 

A long shot dream. 

Somehow, we were able to make it happen with a combination of gifts, strategies and risks. 

Somehow, we can usually muster the magic to make our wishes come true.

I want to have a deep conversation with YOU for 10 days this month about inklings, and dreams and internal nudges. 

I want to help you, as Emerson wrote, "insist on yourself."

I am tired of awesome women feeling stuck as they try to live up to a popular cultural version of what is acceptable - 

-of walking through life without passion or energy

-of simply checking off the to do list.

This 10 day intensive lab will give you the tools to uncover forgotten yearnings, teach you to cultivate magic, share the nuts and bolts of getting it done and connect you with other wild women who can become your tribe.

If you are interested in manifesting your dreams  - please join us here. We set sail on the auspicious day of June 21. 

We need you.


  1. Welcome home! That must have been so amazing Amy! I am hoping to find it in our budget to do the dream lab as it is looks so so amazing and I'd love to focus my dreams into reality!!! =) I cannot wait to hear more of your family's amazing time in Paris! How wonderful that you made that dream a reality and what amazing memories you must have made.

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