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Friday, June 21, 2013

yes, i am here.

Happy Summer Solstice! I hope you have lots planned for this very long day.

I wanted to check in and explain my absence and the canceling of the Dream Lab. I have had emails asking if I was ok and wondering what was going on.

Well, yes, I am fine. Nothing traumatic or majorly upsetting is going on thankfully.

And, no. I am not fine. Life is in a very busy season right now. There is the readjustment to life after our trip (and all the attendant feelings it brought up), many birthdays, job issues, adolescence, and the constant big underlying questions that follow me everywhere have made me stop for a breath.

Also, I was very, very shaken by Whip Up founder (and personal inspiration) Kathreen Rickerson's horrible death.

I feel like I need a sabbatical to sit and rest. To decide what to do with this space. I am overwhelmed by the noise of the internet and am feeling a strong responsibility to not add to the useless and rehashed content.

I need to clarify my voice and mission.

The Dream Lab is written and pretty good, I think. But, I have to know that I can give myself completely to the participants. The last Book About Me Labs were really intense and ground breaking. I triggered something much bigger than I anticipated and I need to get comfortable with that. And explore what we can do with that immense energy and connection.

So, it will be quiet here this summer. I am still around: feel free to email me and chat.  But I am going to be embracing and living the s l o w lifestyle - not just writing about it.

I will be walking in the humidity, soaking up the sun and thunderstorms, writing, painting and reading with my kids.

And hopefully thinking lost of disruptive and radical thoughts.



  1. *hug* Take care of yourself :) We'll wait as long as we need to.

  2. Amy,
    I am just catching up on some of my favorite women out in the blog world, and am reading this post. I can relate to and appreciate this time you need for you. Please know that as you journey through your current feelings and discoveries and take time in the present without thoughts of blogging, that I remain hopeful that you will continue to write in this space in some way. I believe you have such a power of connecting to others...

    Sending hugs,

    1. Thank you so much Claudine! I am creeping my way back slowly.


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