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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{{Wellness Challenge}} :: write everyday

A new month, a new challenge!

This month, I am challenging you to grab a notebook and write everyday. In the past decade, I have come to value journalling above all other forms of self exploration and discovery. Regular writing can heal, transform and inspire you. It is simple, cheap and profound.

This is not about being a great writer or trying to publish your work - although this practice can help you along that path too. This is just about getting out your ideas, angsts and the bits and bobs of your day.

How it works:

Get a journal and something to write with. The cheaper the better. See the middle composition book in the photo above? I buy those by the case for about 50 cents each. We want to be messy and need something non precious to write in. You might even decide to burn it when we are done! (I took a class with daily writing work and at the end we had to destroy everything!)

You need to join the Facebook group here. Everyday for the month of October, there will be a writing prompt. I will also pass along journalling inspiration to keep you on the path. And we can discuss and share all we want too!

That is it!


Mama Scout Wellness Challenges are free programs that are run monthly on FB. When we work together and have fun - significant changes can happen.

There are a few days left to join the Dream Lab. Read about it here

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