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Thursday, March 20, 2014

{Dream Lab} getting what you want

In just a few weeks, the latest session of Dream Lab begins. It is a 10 day lab full of all the inspirations, tricks and camaraderie I have to help you move forward in the creation of the life you dream of.

The life you wake up to happily each morning.

My labs are a bit different from many other online labs out there. I create the space for you to discover the way back to yourself in a method that connects to your creative voice.  I  guide you in creating your own journalling practice (not downloading or copying mine) on your terms.

What I do give you is a piece of my heart. Essays from my life. And prompts that are fun but hopefully challenging too. I want to crack your world open just a bit in a few short weeks. The support of the group is tremendous and I am there the whole time. When I am leading a lab, I read every single comment and respond. I am with you. I have taken so many online classes where the content is great but the "leader" is not present at all. This is not that type of class.

I am truly there during the lab because I am dreaming along side of you. We are in a caravan together. And you know how when people travel together they end up becoming good friend fast? Well, that happens in the labs.  Many of the relationships in my labs carry on outside of the labs with women creating their own groups and meeting up in real life. There are similar interests, introductions and connections that are passed along;  real connections have been born through these online gatherings.

In pursuit of my own dreams, I take classes all the time (writing, art, skills). I am taking a pretty intense marketing and business class right now. My big dream is to make enough extra money to travel more with my family. I really want to spend 3-6  months on the road. But, I do not want to get creepy about making money online. I have to craft it all myself (for now, maybe I will change someday). I have yet to hire anyone to snazzy my stuff up. I refuse to automate the social media landscape. I can sense when bloggers are using tricks to get clicks and I am trying hard to do it differently.

I recently conducted a survey to learn about my strengths. Specifically, I wanted to see if my perceived strengths were what my readers and labbers felt too. Talk about feeling vulnerable. I hate asking anyone to take the time to help me, and to give me compliments no less! It was like I was fishing around. Blech! Hard, hard hard! But, I did it. I am all about getting out of my comfort zone, so this qualified big time.

Guess what? A ton of people helped me out! And there was a big concinsious . Most people found me to be creative and curious, honest and open, and a great connecter (of people and ideas to each other). AHHHH! These are the things that are most important to me. So, I got a little boost knowing that I am on the right track.

In Dream Lab we will do the work together, push ourselves, take big (and tiny) steps, get uncomfortable, comfort and support each other and have fun. The class is a powerful 10 days - but that is just the beginning. The value is unbeatable. And if you join us, you will be too!

You can get the magic here.

Wonderful lab for guiding your future path. Snap it up if you have the chance. -Sarah

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  1. I always love your labs Amy! They are different than the other stuff out there. Thanks for creating such beautiful spaces


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