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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

(review) Rumpus Letters for Kids

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just wanted to share something I have been loving so much!

Every two weeks we receive a letter from a children's book author through the Letters For Kids program ran by The Rumpus. These letters are funny, thoughtful, sometimes a little melancholy and always gobbled up by my group.

They are not fancy. Just handwritten or typed, double sided and photocopied. Sometime they are in color with little drawings and collages the author has made, and sometimes, they are just black and white. I love that they feel real, this is just the sort of letter I would send out to a bunch of friends (I did something similar last year when I spent time in Paris).

We read them with breakfast or at bedtime. The author always includes an address and an invitation to write them back.

This is great for :

general enjoyment
getting glimpses into the lives of writers
a writer's group or classroom
a present for someone
inspiration to write and send your own letters
supporting The Rumpus and the folks who write these letters
supporting letter writing in general

You can sign up here.

Oh! And be sure to like their FB page here.

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