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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wellness Challenge :: Get More Sleep

Mama Scout wellness challenges took a break this summer. Or should I say, the group decided that our challenge would be to take a social media break this summer. I am not sure how well I did - but I am back with a solid challenge. 

How would you like more sleep? Really good, restful, restorative sleep? 

I know I would. So, I am dedicating my September to trying new techniques and setting new habits. 

All of this challenge happens on the free secret FB page I have set up just for this group. If you are interested in joining you have to "friend me" on FB and then message me that you want to join. It is that easy! 

I have been repeatedly been told throughout these challenges that this group is a positive, happy space for people on social media. I agree. We share ideas, ask for help and offer support. There is no inflammatory politics, religious debate or decisive content (I like a good debate - but this is not the place). 

So, I hope you will join us. We will start with setting intentions and then get going - or rather, get snoozing!

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