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Sunday, May 1, 2011

real fast food::gazpacho

This is my adapted gazpacho recipe. It is inspired by Mollie Katzen’s version in Moosewood Cookbook (which is probably my favorite cookbook ever). I have experimented with all sorts of combinations of blending and chopping and found this to be the best. It is very versatile, so taste along the way and add or subtract anything. I don’t add any salt but I do sprinkle sel de mer right before I eat it. This is the perfect summer/fall food and most kids seem to like it too.

I store it in jars in the fridge and grab one when I am out running errands - it is the perfect fast food!

Amy’s Gazpacho
6 tomatoes
1-2 cucumbers (peeled and seeded)
1/3 sweet onion
1-2 clove of garlic
green bell pepper
red bell pepper
olive oil
lemon juice/vinegar
fresh herbs (I like to use tarragon, basil and parsley)

Blend tomatoes and garlic in blender or food processor until smooth (also, if you have extra red bell pepper puree one of those to add to the “stock”). You can leave one tomato out to hand chop for chunkiness if you want.  Pour into a huge bowl. Finely hand chop the remaining tomato, cucumber, onion, garlic, bell peppers and throw them in the bowl. Add a couple of glugs of olive oil, a splash of something acidic (lemon juice or a mild vinegar), some chopped up basil, tarragon and parsley, a wee bit of honey, a shake of cumin and cayenne. Let chill if you can bear it and eat it up! This is pure nectar from the gods and will make you healthy and happy!

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