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Friday, May 6, 2011

{this moment}

one image from the week. via soulemama.


  1. I used to love being inside a car when the car was being washed. Its like being in a cacoon. Love the picture!

  2. very cool shot!

  3. What a cool idea- I remember loving it when my dad went through the car wash- it was sorta magical.

    Thanks for stopping by my moment!

  4. Ooh me too! Viewing the car being washed from the inside has always had a strange calming affect on me (maybe the way white noise calms infants?) I LOVE the idea behind your site. You are one clever woman and I look forward to stopping back in :)

  5. mmmm. me too. love being in the car in the rain or a car wash. the things i love about this photo are what you can see through the window: the man with the hose and the sunset... and the palm tree.. oh FL. I hope to see you some day soon. :)
    thanks for posting on my moment because it encouraged me to stop by and see yours.
    that amanda. she's done something magical. ;)
    have an awesome weekend, mama. and thanks for all you do.

  6. I love the sound of a car wash. Really cool perspective, great image.

  7. Awesome photo!

    my moment:


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