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Thursday, May 26, 2011

homemade peppermint spray for super powers

I am addicted to this super easy, super cheap, uplifting peppermint spray. I have been a fan of peppermint essential oil for years. It cured my pregnancy nausea, eased migraines and pepped me up. I used to just apply the oil straight from the bottle to my head or neck, but this way is better and still packs a zing.

what you need
2 oz spray bottle
peppermint essential oil

what you do
fill the bottle with water
add 10-15 drops of oil

Spray it on your face, back, neck, feet..... it will wake you up first thing in the morning, help you through the afternoon, and relax your achy muscles. My kids even love it and do not find it too strong.

Some aromatherapy books might recommend that you use distilled water, but you know what? I use tap water, and it is fine. And then, of course, you can customize it with .... eucalyptus when you are sick, lavender to sleep, rosemary to help you concentrate.


  1. Peppermint is my absolute number one favorite! I can huff the stuff that's how much I love it! Actually, I really love melaleuca oil just as much - I put it on and in everything! :) I know some people think it smells really medicinal but I just love it. Am I odd? lol!

  2. yay - another peppermint fan. some people don't get it! i will have to try the melaleuca - i have heard of using the wood for mulch. does it smell like tea tree?


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