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Thursday, September 15, 2011

the naked cowboy and more

Today we woke up early, checked out of our apartment and walked maybe 20 blocks with our luggage. We looked like a row of ducks. Each kid is responsible for their own small rolling luggage and a few times I looked at my 5 year old in amazement. He was holding his own in the loud and chaotic Times Square, walking with purpose and doing such a good job keeping up. I think he will not be the same after this trip.

(check out the near naked cowboy behind my daughter's head)

We were lucky enough to be able to stow our luggage at my cousin's office and continued our adventure up to Rockefeller Center. 

(This should be our family motto)

My daughter would not let me pierce her American Girl doll's ears. She thought I would split her head open. So, we let the professionals do it. While expensive and so commercial, I do love to read the AG books and am glad that my 9yo daughter is still so sweetly into dolls.

If our day was not exciting enough, my middle kid lost his first tooth. It was hanging on all day, and finally he popped it out. He is beside himself and even packed his tooth pillow, so he will not miss out on any tooth fairy action.

After an exhausting trip uptown with all those suitcase back through Times Square and onto the subway (we are always up for the challenge) we found our new apartment. We are cautiously happy with it. It is big and in a great neighborhood.  It is also a 3 story walk up, which is no big deal, but the stairs are original to the building which is well over 100 years. So, they are wooden and creaky and wobbly. We live in an old house, but this is a little more rickety. And the apartment is cute, but a little shabby (kinda like us).

We walked the few blocks to Central Park which closed for a concert. The air has changed and the weather is cool and windy, a great change from Florida. On the way home we walked by the Natural History Museum and so many great looking restaurants, florists and wine shops. This is really a beautiful area. I am glad we are settled in for the next 5 days. I am looking forward to hanging out and exploring more.

Tomorrow we are off to see a big lady and do some SOHO shopping. See you tomorrow night.

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  1. I love it! I've never been so I will just have to live vicariously through your photos! And that would be a perfect family motto! Love it!


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