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Thursday, September 29, 2011

nature table

Our nature table tends to be less about seasons, as our's in Florida are less distinct than in other places, and more about showcasing our collections. Currently, we have been looking for seedpods and are intrigued by the variety. We have a big collection in a paper mache bowl and then an example of each in front. The seeds are both local and from our travels.

We have lots of shells and rocks from the beach, but these items are our very favorite specimens. A horseshoe crab, the egg case of a lighting welk, coral from Costa Rica and sea urchins from Cayo Costa, FL.

What is on your nature table? Do you stick to the season or your interests? Feel free to share your link in the comments.


  1. Those seed pods are just gorgeous! Great collection.
    We've collected a few seed pods and pine cones, a few colorful leaves. But mostly my daughter is all about her rock collection right now.
    So, stupid question from someone up north, but do any trees lose their leaves down your way?

  2. sure, we lose some leaves - like on maples and crepe myrtles. but most of our trees are live oaks (or palm trees) that lose and replace their leaves all year long. we do not too much of the beautiful leaf color changing as people up north.

  3. what a beautiful collection of pods, seeds, etc.


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