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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

nyc here we are

In my exhausted state at night, I am going to attempt to keep track of our trip, for ourselves, our family and anyone else who is interested.  I love reading other families' blog posts for interesting tips. Most of our adventures are going to be pretty pedestrian because this is my childrens' first trip to NYC.

Notes from the day:

-Jet Blue was great. TVs at each seat made the flight fly :) by. And they had yummy snacks too!

-I want to spend my life in the Bryant Park, reading and drinking coffee, by myself.

-The Empire State Building was really impressive to my kids. They ohhhed and ahhhed about all the
marble and the view. It was exciting to hear them pick out landmarks we had talked about earlier.

-Renting an apartment when traveling with kids is always the way to go.

-Kids who can hike long distances in nature can hike long distances in the concrete jungle - the only thing that is different is the wildlife.

-The sound of the city is like music to my ears. I was built to live in an urban environment.

-At our first apartment, we are staying on the 13th floor. I thought they did not do that.

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