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Thursday, February 2, 2012

explore numbers with art grids

Art grids are a great way to explore numbers and multiplication all while creating art pieces and learning about stencils or resist type of painting. 

For this grid we made the 25 squares by using 4 pieces of painter's tape in each direction. We painted on card stock for this quickie - but have also done them on foam core and water color paper. The foam core (non glossy) was great for the hundred squares piece we did because it was sturdy enough to prop up on a shelf. It was beautiful. 

The process is pretty self explanatory. Make the grid, paint, let dry and then slowly pull off the tape. The last step is kids' favorite.

 Voila! You have some art and can practice counting or draw little pictures in the squares. 

And, just wait, it will lead to other ways of using painter's tape in artwork. This short activity will turn into all sorts of open ended art/math explorations. 

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  1. I love this; simple and brilliant! Thanks for sharing.


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