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Monday, February 20, 2012

kids :: sew a stuffed animal based on your own drawing

I have made all sorts of simple stuffed animals for and with my kids, but these are by far the easiest for many ages. It is a great first sewing project or can be something carried in your bag to pull out when the troops are bored waiting at an appointment.  
What you need
-printer fabric - This is fabric that is stiffened so that it can run through a printer. There are many brands at the craft or fabric store.
-a kid drawing
-embroidery floss 
What to do
Use your printer to copy or scan the image and print on to the fabric.

Cut out the rough shape of the image on the fabric and felt.

Help your child stitch around the image, leave a little opening to put in some stuffing and then seal up. 

Trim your new stuffed animal and start planning the next one! It is that quick and fun. 

I particularly like this project because it makes finishing a possibility for kids. They can have a finished product to play with in a short time, which beats the drawer full of more ambitious projects that we have started and failed to complete. 

If you do this, I would love for you to share!

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