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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

nuts and bolts

This is a simple, classic kid activity - but I was surprised at how much my nearly 6 year old loved it. 

Gather up some nuts and bolts. 
You can use ones you have in the garage or buy some from the hardware store. In fact, you can let your child help pick some out. There are some really interesting ones! The ones we used were all really close in size, so it was very challenging. 

Match the nuts and bolts and screw together. 
My son loves helping us build things, so this was extra engaging for him. I think most kids would find it a fun puzzle - and the fine motor skills along with the practical life skills make it a useful game. I plan to add in some new nuts and bolts from time to time. And when he is done with this tin, we can use the hardware to build and connect more things. 


  1. Clever idea and great for fine motor dexterity!
    Coming over to visit from Red Oak Lane.
    Many blessings,

  2. That's a great idea. Now what kind of trinkets can you pick up at the hardware store to expand on that idea? Brackets? Oh..... Maybe they could take apart old computers and VCR's and add those parts. Cool!

  3. What a great idea for fine motor control! Thank you for linking up!!

  4. like those fun sensory boxes for bigger little kids! I have a couple of boys who will love this!!! great idea- think I'll pin it!

  5. This is a good, simple activity that I'm sure will keep many kids focused for quite a while! Thanks for sharing it with "Look What We Did!"

  6. love the simplicity of this activity! Perfect task, indeed.

  7. I've had a box of nuts and bolts to share with my kids for a while, thanks for reminding me to get these out.

    Hopping over from "Look What We Did"

  8. Thank you, Amy! Our young son would LOVE this activity! He like repetitive relaxing work (so do I, crocheting is bliss) AND he loves to build and fix things. Perfect. -heather


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