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Friday, March 9, 2012

edison and ford winter estate

The Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Florida make a wonderful day trip if you happen to find yourself in central Florida. 

When you visit, do so in spring when every flower in the gardens is in bloom and the wind off the water makes the palm trees rustle and lull you back you back in time. The site is wonderful because it offers something for everyone. There is a museum with many of Edison's inventions, a beautifully manicured botanical research garden, two awesome turn of the century homes with furnishings, and the lab. Oh, the lab is the best! It is exactly as it was when Edison died. With jars and bottles and test tubes... amazing!

We are so interested in Edison and Ford right now, having done many experiments with our homechool co-op, including this one, reading biographies and watching documentaries. It is amazing the changes that these two inventors brought to the last century. And I think we are in a similar, quickly changing moment of history right now.  

I have never posted this many pictures in a post before. I hope it works for you!

Have you been here before? Did you love it too?

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  1. My my lady, you have been busy!! Love those pictures of the Edison and Ford estates--what a place... never been but I will have to now. And those link ups and all those ideas--it'll take me days to explore those, very excited about them! And I loved your daffodil post--your unschooliness is inspiring as usual :).


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