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Saturday, March 31, 2012

lightbulb saturday:: inspiration for the weekend

It is that time again! 

Lightbulb Saturday is a link up with the Kids Co-OP and is chock full of creative ideas for kids. It is the perfect place to find an activity or two to liven up your weekend!

Browse through, link to your own projects and enjoy!

This week I am particularly in love with A Childhood List's  jump rope made from plastic bags and duct tape. What a great idea! I'll bet my kids could use the same method to make a whip. 

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  1. Wow -- that list of ideas is so very long! I am glad you picked out the jump rope one because I was just thinking yesterday that we should "pick one up" for my oldest son. But oh no....we now can MAKE IT!

    Happy Weekend to you!


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