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Thursday, October 18, 2012

make a cereal box theatre

If you are coming over from Erin Goodman's 10-Day Family Re-Change - welcome! 

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Erin asked me to think of a crafty project that would involve the whole family and could be done indoors during a cold or rainy spell. One of our favorite activities is to make a cereal box theatre. This craft is open ended and can be made with whatever you already have around the house. You do not even have to use a cereal box, any box will do. 

Here are the basic instructions for constructing your theatre.  

We painted our theatre with acrylic paint and then used hot glue to attach the marquee, scrap jewelry, and buttons. I also hot glued the curtains to the inside and added clothes pins to the back to hang scenery.

For puppets we usually draw something and stick it on a Popsicle stick. You can also make clothespin dolls or just use little stuffed animals. I made a little pinterest board with some additional puppet ideas too. Check it out here

Sometimes it gets sticky trying to decide what sort of puppet show to perform. Here are a few ideas:

-write your own little play

-act out something from a favorite book (we were inspired by this book.)

-let your puppets sing and dance to opera or country music

-act out a well memorized fairy tale or nursery story (even older kids will get a kick out this)

-do a stand up comedy routine with your theatre

-recite poetry

-act out a beloved family tall tale

-perform silly, improv based shows with the audience yelling out what to add or change

-download a sound effect app for your smart phone and see what story you can make using silly sounds like water rushing or door bells ringing

We like to invite others to our shows too. You might want to make tickets and little programs for your audience. 

I am facilitating a 10 day Holiday e-Lab!

If you are interested in setting intentions, slowing down and getting creative this holiday season, click the picture below for more information. 


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  1. Love this!
    My kids are really into performing plays lately, even if they spend more time discussing plot and lines than actually performing any plays.


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