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Monday, October 1, 2012

monday mission :: make a photography collection of the everyday

Monday Mission :: an activity to add a bit of magic to your week.

This week, try collecting images of an object or idea with your camera.

The heightened awareness when hunting for something in particular, leads to an general awareness of everything around you and serves as a great tool to get and keep you/me aware and present.

I have been collecting the surfaces of water. Puddles, ponds and pools. I have a little idea to make paintings to go along with the photos.

Other ideas to photograph:

a color
imprints in the cement
American flags
every person you talk to in a day
your meals
church sign messages
close ups of grass
roman numerals

Let me know if you do this. Feel free to share your images on the Mama Scout Facebook page.


  1. Hmmm, the hard part is choosing what to photograph! I think it's going to be a color for me...either yellow or orange.

    1. yeah! I love both of those colors!

  2. I adore this idea. I like the idea of water although we haven't seen any( as in rain) for freaking months.

  3. It just rained here, but I have been looking at our local lake, dishwater, sprinkler puddles...

  4. I am so going to try this! It sounds interesting!

  5. I love the idea of searching for something in particular as opposed to just snapping pics. Tonight we took a walk and I started capturing the beginning of fall. I always take photos of trees when they are full of color, this time I started looking for ones that have just started to change. :)


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