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Monday, February 4, 2013


Well, gosh, it seems like I am neglecting this blog a bit. I have a million (or at least a dozen) posts half ready to go, but have been busy. 

We spent a week driving up to Washington D.C. It snowed snowflakes so big you could see their crystal formations. I have never seen snow like that before. We loved the Ai Weiwei show at the Hirshhorn and this show at the Smithsonian American History Museum.

But mostly, my new lab has been so freaking amazing. I love the family lab and it is so good. But this mama lab - whoa! It is like I unleashed a tidal wave. There has been so much sharing and support and soul bearing, I am still trying to catch my breath. 

I am honored and even a bit scared at the power of this lab. There is something good in it, I need to hone, protect and share it. And that is taking a lot of my mental energy.

But, I will be back to my regular posting soon. I am really missing sharing some of the creative projects we have been up to. 

How is your February going?

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