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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

exploration lab :: newspaper tubes

This is a great exploration lab. Low on prep and money and high on open-ended possibility. I started by showing my kids how to roll up newspaper tubes (we like them on a diagonal - but try it both ways and see which way works for you).

Then step back. Get some coffee. Go pee. Seriously, get out of the way and see what happens. I wanted to make a structure, but the muse spoke differently to my children. 

My daughter made a life size doll/puppet and it has been danced with and thrown around for the last 2 weeks in all sorts of shenanigans. The best sort of fun! (The head is a piece of silky material stuffed with newspaper and drawn on with Sharpie Markers).

My son made a trident which also saw lots of pretend play until it finally broke. 

Neither of these projects required much adult assistance. I did offer suggestions on strengthening floppy parts and helped cut duct tape when that became tiresome. 

If you try this with your kids this week, I would LOVE to see what your kids come up with!

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  1. You are always doing the coolest things!! I am pulling the newspaper out of recycling and setting it aside for a good distraction next week!

    Love it!


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