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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

teach your kids to make their own food

In my "living above the details" mindset,  I have begun allowing my kids to make their own food. By make, I mean make - from scratch. 

My kids have been cooking alongside us from the time they were very young and know their way around the kitchen. But for some reason, I have not encouraged them to have free reign. Maybe with 3 kids and a busy schedule, I just figured I could do it efficiently and with less mess. Or my husband was making something more elaborate and we used the time to work on another project.

But, when I think of the bigger picture, it is imperative to us that they know how to cook well and navigate food and wellness independently. So, the locks and chains are off the kitchen door!

My barometer has shifted. I no longer use my judgement as the sole criteria, if they tell me they can do it, I let them. (Obviously helping where I can and ensuring a safe environment). My daughter has successfully cooked cakes and biscuits from recipes on her own. And my son. Well, he is a raw food junkie.

This kid loves salad more than anything and now makes his own dressing and salad at lunch. It is amazing to watch and he needs very little instruction. His salad dressing has extra Dijon because that is the way he likes it and some lemon zest because that is the way his Dad likes it. 

I can not wait to see what they cook next!

Do your kids cook their own meals? What sorts of things do they like to make?

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  1. They do. They are getting more and more adventurous. Love your kiddos meals. Always good to trust their path. Hard to remember too.


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