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Friday, June 8, 2012

the snails are back

We raised snails last year and really loved it. This week, it has been overcast and raining - so we thought we might find some snails to watch again this year. We headed out to "snail alley" and they were there! Happily drinking up the water from the showers. So, we are setting up the habitat again. These are meditative and fascinating to watch. Here is my post from last year that shows how we did it. 


  1. Oh yes!!! I remember the snail post!!! M. had her own little collection going after each rain...Haven't seen much in CO, not wet enough :(....
    cheers and have a great weekend Amy :).

    1. i remember our connecting over our snail loving children last year! i bet your kids are having a blast discovering the natural world of your new home! (and of france!)

  2. That is so cool! We just did some snail-themed art yesterday :)


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