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Friday, August 12, 2011

endless summer - a wee break

Whew! This summer was one for the books. We tend to be busier in the summer because of all the fun classes and camps that are available. This summer, the classes combined with all sorts of milestones - and boy are we exhausted! We met new levels in swim, won ribbons and conquered some big fears. Bikes were ridden without training wheels and kids went to either their first camp, or their first all day camp. Ears were piereced and sleep overs and solo playdates were enjoyed by all. Body surfing and bowling were mastered, first words were read and chapter books endlessly consumed. Throw in a juice fast and lots of blogging, and you just about have the picture!

Alot of people are taking off August, which seems like such a great idea, but I think I would like to take off just one big week. We are in the midst of furniture rearranging and some renovations, so I doubt I will be resting too much. I will see you here again on August 22nd :)

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  1. Enjoy your break, it sounds like you need one!

    I'm passing on a little Link Love to you with a blog award... :)


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