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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

make ice cream in a bag

This summer we have been making ice cream in a bag. It will be a classic for us. I am even thinking of taking it on the road this fall when we camp on an primitive island - if I can sacrifice the ice. This is so simple. The biggest tips I would like to share are:

1. Do this outside. The condensation on the bag is considerable and makes a big mess. If there is any leak of the actual water from inside the bag, you will have really salty water dripped all over your house (do not ask me how I know this).

2. Shake gently. If you are too rough, the ice cream bag will get salt water into it and muck up the taste. So, no need to throw the bag all over the yard. Just shake back and forth or roll it around.

3. Make sure you surround the ice cream bag with the ice. If it is just sitting on top, it will not freeze.

4. Do not skimp on salt. It makes the temperature colder than the ice and is the magic that freezes the ice cream mixture.


  1. Oh we are so all over this! Will try it out and be sure to report back! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  2. please do let me know how it goes. i think it would be good with a little spoon of strawberry jam mixed in too.

  3. This looks such a fun way to make icecream! Thank you so much for sharing with the Summer Carnival. :) I've featured your post here:


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