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Thursday, August 25, 2011

go to the bank and write a story

Never underestimate the power of a word bank for creative writing! My kids love word banks to get their juices flowing. This is especially useful for perfectionist children who might get caught up in the mechanics of spelling and are unable to get into the rhythm. Sometimes my kids collectively dictate a word bank or sometimes I offer one up on our easel to use during their writing time. It is also a simple way to introduce new themes into their writing. Have you used word banks? If so, how was the response?


  1. This is something I should try with all my kids. I've stuck to too many formal writing programs (although I'm going to a new one this year still - but pick & choose) in the past and have been met with great resistance from my kids. Love the word bank idea - especially having those words in plain sight. Do you just choose interesting words randomly or pull from their reading?

  2. In high school geography we were assigned to write a creative story using a word bank of Australian terms. I remember taking it as a real challenge to use ALL of the words. There were some pretty interesting results, if memory serves. Great idea! :)

  3. Ellen - both. if they are writing in their journal about a particular subject, we will work together on the bank (if they ask for one). and sometimes, i will put up a big list of related words (maybe linked to something we have been talking about) for inspiration. they do not have to use them all, they are just a resource that seems to help them.


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