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Monday, August 1, 2011

how to waste wisely your monday

My meditation and intention for the day. (Along with stopping the homemade bagels).

To awaken each morning with a smile brightening my face; to greet the day with reverence for the opportunities it contains; to approach my work with a clean mind; to hold ever before me, even in the doing of little things, the ultimate purpose toward which I am working; to meet men and women with laughter on my lips and love in my heart; to be gentle, kind and courteous through all hours; to approach night with weariness that ever woos sleep and the joy that comes from work well done - this is how I desire to waste wisely my days. 

Thomas Dekker


  1. Oh this is lovely! I aim to waste wisely, too.

    One of my favorites: "Awake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving." ~Khalil Gibran

  2. That really made me think about how I wasted my Monday... and how it could have been wasted better. Thanks for sharing that quote. I think I will print that one out for the fridge! Found your blog via SouleMama x

  3. that is nice, Rose, thanks for sharing.

    nikki, this is a good one to print out and read each morning i think. thanks for the comment!


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