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Thursday, August 11, 2011

make a story lantern

After reading through the latest issue of Alphabet Glue*, we decided to make story lanterns.  This project was simple but both my 9yo and 5yo loved it and the end result was so stunning, I am thinking of all the applications (gifts, birthday jars, memory jars, solstice jars, wish jars....).

My daughter wrote a poem based on the writing prompt from Rip The Page, "If I planted my heart...." and my son dictated an adventure story. We simply wrote up, or typed the text, glued it on the jars (smooth jars work the best) and glued water colored illustrations and tissue paper on the entire jars. When we lit them up that evening, they were enchanting! So beautiful and moving to see your words illuminated! They lit our table for dinner and went up with us to story time. I had to wait until everyone was asleep to blow them out.

I am inspired by this project.... it makes the words you write flicker and dance themselves alive. I feel like I should do this with my creative group - let my words light up too!

*Alphabet Glue is a very fun e magazine filled with crafts, project, and book lists for kids and grown ups who love books (um, that would be me! hand raised!).  You can find out more about the first two issues here. They are a great bargain for only $4 an issue; perfect to tuck away for rainy days or would make a great present! (Annie is donating all proceeds from sales this week to the crisis in Somalia).


  1. These are so lovely Amy!! We love Rip the Page, but I only have the first volume of Alphabet glue, so I'll have to check out the new ones :). And wouldn't you know I just cleaned out a big fat pickle jar yesterday!! Always LOVE your ideas....
    xx oo

  2. Fun project! I've heard about Alphabet Glue elsewhere and thought it sounded interesting...I think I might have to bite the bullet and check it out. :)

  3. Awesome! I so need to do this.


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