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Monday, November 28, 2011

lazy advent envelopes

There are a million advent activity projects out there. From little stockings to wall hangings to amazing sculptures made from toilet paper tubes.

 This is not one of them! 

If you have been around here long, you know we are about process and ease

So, our yearly advent activity countdown looks something like the picture above. We use humble letter envelopes (we have also used little brown coin envelopes and homemade magazine envelopes), with the date stamped on the front, and many times a kid who is learning their numbers will stamp the appropriate number of stars too. 

That is it!

The kids love this tradition more than any other. They remind me of it starting in October and have great fun helping to make the envelopes and opening them each morning.

some of our activities include:

getting out all the holiday books and reading many
ice skating
gift making session with friends
several homemade movie nights
ornament making
making and hanging coffee filter snowflakes - everywhere
yearly parties
bonfire and hot cocoa
fondue dinner
driving around to look at lights
cookie decorating
making dog biscuits 
making pinecone bird feeders

What are some of your holiday countdown activities?


  1. seriously, this is a pretty darn good idea! No need for fanciness!
    I started my push me/pull me advent calender last year...still not done!

    envelopes - good idea!

  2. I love that your Advent envelopes are so attractive while being simple to prepare ... my favorite kind of activity! I featured your photo and post in my 40+ Christmas Countdown Activities at

  3. A very approachable advent calendar! Good for a non-crafty person such as me.


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