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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

make a gratitude garland

Each November, we make a gratitude garland and it has become a special tradition that we all look forward to. We string a long piece of twine across a window, under the kitchen bar or around a fireplace.

Each day, we write one thing that we are grateful for and add it to the garland. Our thanks go to the big and broad things like, the earth or stars. And our thanks goes to little things like my husband's great scrambled eggs or triops eggs that hatch perfectly.

We have a cigar box full of leaves, sharpies and tape near the garland so we can add to it when the mood strikes. We also encourage visitors and Thanksgiving guests to participate.

The leaves are made from shaving cream marbled paper, watercolored paper and paper grocery bags. I cut many of them by hand and also used the Ellison machine at the library.

Does your family have special gratitude traditions? What are they?


  1. Love love the garland...similarly, last year we did a gratitude tree for Advent, a paper ornament from each of us every day. We also did a nature table, giving thanks to nature--shells, wood, dirt, leaves, etc...Maybe we'll start early this year, and meld Thanksgiving and Christmas thanks together :).

    And I just read your comment about the park--it is Langford and Azalea park on Central ave. in downtown. This co-op is every Wednesday--if you ever want to join us--oh how fun that would be!!! Would love to meet you before we move!!

  2. I love this tradition I think it's a good idea to keep them in a shoebox labelled with the year to look at in the future


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