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Thursday, November 17, 2011

nature swap

We recently sent off a nature exchange box all the way to Canada. We when looked up photographs of the city they were going to, we were astonished! There could not be a more different environment than ours. Where they have snow capped mountains and beautiful glacier lakes, we have swamps, beaches and mosquitoes. 

It was so fun collecting items from the forest and sea. I really hope this family of 6 enjoys what we have sent along. Their package includes feathers, urchins, barnacles, welks, sand dollars, spanish moss, driftwood, cattail seed pods, coral, shark teeth, giant snail shells and sweet gum pods. 

My kids are hoping they send us some snow.

Have you ever done a nature exchange with friends from far away?


  1. What a lovely idea!!! My kids would love to do a nature exchange. I hope you get some snow, too!

  2. what did you get back???



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