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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

meet me in swappy town

With all the dialogue on buying local, handmade, or not buying at all, I am hearing very little about swapping, trading, and bartering.

I love to trade! I trade tons on Etsy - mama merit badges for bags, shadow puppets, knitted hats and slippers and more. I also trade locally when I run my produce co op. Seriously, how great is it to trade cucumbers for haircuts? Mangoes for fabric? And tomatoes for errands?
So, I send this message to you - if you want to swap anything for badges, let me know. I am usually open to most things - comics, e-courses, tshirts, sponsorships, cool bug specimens, mugs, zines, etc. 

I think of swapping as a whole different type of economy - one that bypasses mega stores, franchises, and even money (for the most part). We can trade our creativity and passions with each other - and that is much more appealing to me that sleeping in a tent, or fighting crowds.


  1. I love your badges, but am trying hard to limit my personal spending. Your bartering idea is fantastic. I knit, but I am not sure that helps you!

  2. well, i can not knit - so i would totally be into trading - maybe a scarf?

  3. SUre just send me an email and we'll talk.

  4. i can not easily find your email on your blog.... maybe i am just missing it. anyway, i am at


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