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Monday, November 14, 2011

make a drift wood tambourine

Inspired by a project in Made to Play by Joel Henriques (which I will reviewed here), we spent some time making a cool tambourine out of found objects. It was surprisingly satisfying and had something for each kid to do.

First, we pounded holes into bottle caps with a big nail.

Then the demo crew moved in and flattened the caps with hammers.

We strung them on a thin nail.

And hammered them into pre-dilled holes on a great piece of driftwood. This would work on whatever kind of wood you can scalage in your area.

Some yarn wrapped on the handle, added to the ceremonial aesthetic.

It makes a great, soothing percussive sound. I might add more caps, but it really does not need it. And I do not really need to drink more beer.


  1. such a cute idea!
    I love his expression in that last photo.
    I think this is a project my husband would like to help me prepare for, especially with all the great harvest brews out right now. : )


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