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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cayo Costa

four days at our island.
no electric, no hot water, 
just the ocean and sun and creatures around us.
we fished, 
rode bikes, 
saw giant millipedes crossing dirt paths, 
ran free,
danced in the dusk with sparklers, 
kayaked to a magically still cove... the only sound was the chuffing of manatees, 
slept so much, 
and dreamed of living in a little cabin by the sea.


  1. Cayo costa, one of my favourite locations in the whole US.

  2. Smiled to see your son reading the regulations book. Ours did the same, read the boating regulations book cover-to-cover, when we rented a boat. She started reeling off the rules when she had finished. So we let her pilot the boat herself (she discovered the regulations allowed her to do that). Beautiful place!


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