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Thursday, May 31, 2012

buy your kids a blender!

If you have a making, hacking, exploring type of kid, you might want to consider getting them a blender

My son asked for his own after we attended a paper making co op. 

So, we scrounged one up and he went to town making lots and lots of homemade paper. (we actually scrounged up two and took one apart to look at the motor).

And then the projects kept coming.

With a blender my kids have ground up nearly every type of leaf and flower in the yard making potions that went right back in to the yard. 

My son also made monster repellant with lots of garlic. 

And many, many batches of fruit sorbets have been whipped up for treats.  

Of course, you need to feel confident that your children can use a blender safely before you set them loose, or you can supervise them when they feel the need to blend. 

It is one of the most open ended toys for older kids I have experienced

Would you let your kids have a blender? Or do you think I am nutty? (it's ok - I am used to it).


  1. Replies
    1. you will be surprised at how much fun they have!

  2. Having destroyed a blender making paper with children (it was an art class!)... I'd say, make sure it's one you're not attached to.

    1. yes! That is exactly why I do not let them use my Vitamix!

  3. Hmmm...I know my 11yo boy would love this. And I could trust him. I could also trust my 6yo girl. However, my 8yo boy has lapses in judgement that would make it a bit trickier. I think I'll start checking the thrift store shelves for one to keep in the garage. Thanks for the confidence to take the plunge.

  4. You are nutty but that is why we love you so

  5. I totally would after some instructions on when to use (and to not let the 4 yr old). I also would not let them use the Vitamix for this. Of course, they do make smoothies with the VM - just no vegetation that didn't begin in the garden. Thanks for this idea. I never would have thought about it.

  6. when i first saw this on pinterest, i thought...what in the world! a blender! motor, blades, glass= scary!
    but alas, i have young toddlers, so my world is totally different in terms of the hovering :)

    i think when my kids are much older, i will have to consider the blender. they do love pressing the button on the hand blender now when we make smoothies, i am sure when they have control it will be so much more fun for them

  7. As soon as my kids are a bit older I hope to remember this great idea!


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