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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

exploration lab :: mirrors and kaleidoscopes

This exploration lab is so simple, but surprisingly engaging and fun for kids (and adults). 

By taping two mirrors (unbreakable ones are the best for this)  together in the back, you can make a little kaleidoscope. We spent a good long time making patterns from paint stains on the art table, magazine and art book images and natural items. 

The closer you move the mirrors, the more reflections you can see and the more dynamic the pattern. By watching the mirrors while slowly opening and closing them, you can watch a beautiful morphing of color and shape. 

This is one of those little experiments that as soon as kids see what is happening they start exclaiming, "Wow! Awesome! Look at this!"

This is a good one to leave out (maybe on your nature table or window ledge) for each kid to revisit on their own to try new combinations or experiments. 

My kids especially liked making "creepy" creatures from the faces in a book of portraiture we had laying around!

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