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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BIG magazine and treasure maps

Have you seen BIG kids magazine yet? I am in love with this gorgeous Australian magazine that showcases art made by kids and artists (independently, collaboratively, in response to each other) based on a big theme. The magazine is filled with the most amazing art, the kind that reveals a glimpse of the rich inner life of children, as well as interviews and quotes and art prompts. 

The issue I was giddy to receive was all about MAPS - one of our favorite ideas to explore around here. And I was amazed at the variety of the contributors' interpretations and inspiring ideas. Pirate maps, bone maps, choreography maps, mind maps, story maps, color maps, star maps, adventure maps, migration maps, and more and more... 

The acronym BIG stands for bravery, imagination and generosity. Sprinkled throughout are contributors definitions of those words.  

And their guiding philosophy! I could just copy this as my unschooling/life philosophy. Beautiful! 

The BIG vision: BIG Kids Magazine promotes a creative and curious childhood through the arts as an everyday way of thinking, engaging and responding to the world. The need to nurture and value creative thinking and play in young people is vital in building physical, cognitive and emotional intelligence in the next generation. We believe that time should be valued as a vital resource made freely available for your kids with days left over to collect the quiet unseen bits of the world, to listen and respond, to breathe and grow and think, and contribute in new ways and old. BIG Kids Magazine supports the current trend in which parents and educators recognize the value of a de-pressured and genuine childhood. 

This magazine is pricey to have shipped to the US, but I think it is worth it, especially if this topic is vital to you. I also think it would be great to encourage your local library and museum shop to carry it.

There is still time to submit for the next issue.

And because we too love map making, I have included a few of our latest maps. Maps seem to be a perineal subject for us. We make maps of our heart, treasure maps for the beach and so many maps of the lands we dream up. 

Our favorite material to make maps on is brown paper bags from the grocery store. We wad them up, kick them around and then open and smooth them flat. Sharpies, watercolors and peeled crayons for rubbing seem to make the best colors. And recently, at a map making play date, the kids loved adding gold seals to the corner that added the official touch. 

Do you make maps? 


  1. The maps are beautiful. You'll have to hang on to a few of them. And, maybe frame a few too. I guess maps are just one of those things ESSENTIAL to every childhood. I made them. Our children make them. They ARE childhood. Love that you shared this bit of childhood with your own children.

  2. Gorgeous and that magazine seems really neat. Thanks for sharing.


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