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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

just write - in the woods

mothers day. we were walking in the woods, looking for the bobcat from a few days ago. she was not there, just a few alligators, black as old tires and some loud crickets. the overcast sky and impending rain made breezes that were so sweet and unseasonal we had to keep mentioning it. the moss hung heavy, as if in preparation for the summer it knew was on the way. kids walked on their own, and then scared, huddled up with us, then trailed off again. a unidentifiable floating object in the water confounded a small group gathered on the dock. she said it stood up and walked as it neared the shore. elliot knew it was an alien, i thought maybe a balloon. we never found it. 

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  1. Or maybe an alien balloon??? Glad you enjoyed your mother's day!

  2. That picture is amazing. Such a different world from my midwestern home, all that spanish moss. And alligators!

  3. Loved this post. Just loved it :)


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