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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

exploration lab :: make some potions

I had not intended to post this project, but it was such a hit I had to share. A a group of homeschool friends got together for a Harry Potter themed party at the park. I will admit, I was overwhelmed looking at party ideas on Pinterest. They seemed so intense and parent driven.  So, remembering that kids actually have the most fun and create the most interesting projects when adults support instead of direct the play - we simplified the party. 

There was a wand making station, spell books, some fun food, and the best of all - a potion table. 

For the potion table each family brought ingredients to fill the table. The kids used empty jars, droppers and spoons and sticks to stir. There was not a lesson to be taught, the kids simply made their own potions in a glorious, messy afternoon. All the items came from our kitchens (and one great family who brought a few blocks of dry ice to kick it all up a notch).

We had: 
splinters - stick tea
snot - laundry starch
ground up unicorn bones - baking soda
unicorn blood - silver glitter
mermaid tears - blue vinegar
spider hairs - pencil shavings from the pencil sharpener
dragon skin - sheets of sea weed
slug blood - cherry juice
micro creatures - yeast
bat claws - colored rice
mermaid hair - colored pasta
stardust - salt
vampire bile - red water
live slime - gak that we had made earlier in the week
giant's mustache hairs - long seaweed

and more! you get the idea... find stuff in your kitchen, put it in a jar and come up with a fun (or gross) name. We had a ton of fun doing this together the night before. 

I could tell you some of the cool concoctions and reactions we made...but I think you should play and test and hypothesize and discover them yourself. 

(one tiny hint : bubble solution and dry ice)


  1. how fun, and very similar to a Hogwarts class I teach at a local co/op - I've even created a textbook with all the potions and the kids love to try and guess what each magical ingredient is. And these are 11/12/13 yr olds even! :)

    1. I bet they love the potion books! It does seem like an all ages activity:)

  2. That is so clever! It's like a pot-luck potion party:)

    1. Yes! I should have titles this post: potluck potions! That is really what it was.

  3. Oooh how VERY FUN!!!! I love it. I bet the kids enjoyed it too... Love all the labels (snot.. oh yuk!)

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. I totally love these! This is such a great party idea. We love doing experiments in the kitchen (of both the edible and non-edible variety)...I know when I share this with the kids, they'll want to make some potions of their own :D

  5. Oh goodness, this is brilliant!! So much fun. Can't wait til my kids are old enough to read HP . . . though of course, we can have a potion party long before that anyway!


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