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Monday, May 7, 2012

monday missions :: make a wish cake

Monday Missions: a simple idea to add a little magic to your week.

This week, how about surprising your kids with a wish cake?

A wish cake is simply the easiest cake you can make or buy (this was a box cake I had knocking around the pantry).

The candles are lit, silly songs are sang, wishes are made and candles are blown out.

That is it. 

You will be amazed at the sparkle in your kids' eyes with this simple, unexpected treat. 

And if you choose to share your wishes with each other, you might just be charmed by all the goodness in their hearts.


  1. Great idea. We have unbirthday celebrations that are similar. I think today we may make a wishing cake and head to a nearby cake to watch the airplanes take off.

  2. <3 I love that. Such a simple and sweet activity to add some magic to daily life.


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